You should be asking yourself that question for the simple reason of being and feeling safe. Changing locks is something that most people know about, yet not enough actually take the measures to do it. Whether the lock is for a residential or commercial building, it is always nice to know there is some type of security in the places we spend the most time or where we keep our most treasured items.

Here are a few important reasons why you should change your locks:

Moving to a New House

When moving to a new place, you should always replace the locks. Who knows how many spare keys could maybe be out there from the past residents. It is still better to err on the side of caution than to live with regret.

Break-in or Attempted Break-in

A significant instance to change your locks is after a break-in or attempted to break-in. There is no questioning changing your locks in a situation like this. One of the first things a burglar checks for when trying to enter your home is an unlocked or unsecured door. Make it as hard as possible for intruders to get in by reinforcing your doors with high-security locks.

Lost Keys

In the middle of losing your keys, you likely won’t really stop to think about what the consequences can be. You could have lost them in public, which could lead to someone picking them up. While most people will try to find the rightful owner of lost keys, other less well-intentioned individuals might try to use them to get into your building without you even knowing. That is why you should have your locks changed after losing your keys.

Old Locks

If your locks are worn out and difficult to use, it is time to change them. With time, locks can get finicky and stubborn to operate. Particularly, if you have not changed your lock in some time. If you notice your locks acting up and requiring more effort than usual to open, that should indicate that it is time to renew your locks.

Other Situations

If you live with roommates, you should change your locks more often. Especially when an old roommate moves out or when you have a new roommate move in. Lending your keys to a neighbor, professional or even a friend should also make you at least consider changing your locks. While your locks do not have an explicit expiration date, they still have a lifespan. Don’t wait until your locks are past their too far gone to use. Call Ajax Locksmith Inc. to replace your old locks and keep your building safe. We also provide emergency services in Whitby, Pickering and surrounding areas for your convenience, so you never have to worry about being locked out again.