Rekeying your home is a great way of improving your home’s safety and security. In addition to these very important factors, rekeying your locks is also more convenient and comes with a number of benefits, including the ability for you to have one universal key that you can use for all of your doors. 

Rekeying your locks allows you to decrease the clutter in your pocket and you won’t have to carry around so many keys because all of the different locks on your doors can be changed in a way where only one universal key will be needed to be able to open any of them. This one key will be able to open all of your doors, giving you complete control at all times and eliminating the hassle of having to constantly look for the right key. 

Another great aspect is the fact that rekeying your home is a lot more affordable than completely removing and replacing your locks, so if you’re looking for an option that is cost-effective, this is the answer. Rekeying locks is an easier process that involves the removal of the lock from the door, after which the old pins are taken out and replaced with new pins in a different configuration. Once this is done, the lock is then placed back on the door and the old key will no longer have access to that home as only the new key will be able to open that door. This is a much faster, easier and cheaper method when compared with a full lock replacement that would require you to pay for new handles and deadbolts and, in some cases, you may even have to modify your door in order for it to accept the new locks. Rekeying your home is just as effective and both methods achieve the same goal, so if the cost is a factor, rekeying your locks is the way to proceed.

Many homeowners also like the fact that they can keep their existing hardware when rekeying, which would not be possible when replacing your locks, in which case you would have to get rid of your door hardware, handles, and deadbolts. Getting your locks rekeyed means you can keep your current hardware, which is great because it matches the door so you won’t have to worry about finding a suitable replacement, which can be a challenge. 

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