For Pickering business owners, protecting your commercial property is a top priority. After all, your livelihood depends on securing your physical assets against theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. Properly functioning locks and access control systems are vital, and integral to keeping your business assets safe and secure.

Whether you operate retail stores, restaurants, offices, warehouses or other facilities, Ajax Locksmiths offers a full suite of commercial locksmith services throughout the Pickering region. With over 30 years of experience, we can address any security needs to make your workplace more protective and compliant.

This article will provide an overview of the wide range of commercial locksmith services we provide to local Pickering businesses. From installing advanced access control to re-keying locks, safes, master key systems, and beyond, we’ve got you covered. Read on to see how our licensed technicians can become a trusted partner in fortifying your workplace security from all angles.

Access Control Systems

For many companies, mere mechanical locks are not enough. Modern access control systems provide dynamic, electronically controlled security, restricting access to only authorized personnel. This is achieved through networked smart doors, badge readers, biometrics cans, PIN codes, and management software.

Access control provides many advantages over traditional locks:

  • Restricted access permissions down to the individual level.
  • Detailed activity logs for tracking entry and exit.
  • Flexibility to quickly add or revoke access remotely.
  • Integration with surveillance cameras and alarm systems.
  • Options for smartphone app controls and notifications.

Our commercial locksmiths are experts at installing new access control systems or upgrading old ones. We handle all components including:

  • Electronic smart locks with built-in access controls.
  • Standalone badge readers mounted externally on doors.
  • Biometric verification devices like fingerprint scanners.
  • Keypad combination units for PIN code access.
  • License plate recognition systems for vehicular access.
  • Management software for configuring access and notifications.

We evaluate your unique operational needs, security risks, and budget to design tailored access control solutions. Our goal is maximizing security while providing efficient access that protects your bottom line.

Master Key Systems  

For companies with many exterior doors and interior offices, managing numerous individual keys quickly becomes cumbersome. This leads to high rekeying costs whenever keys are lost or compromised.

Master key systems are a specialized access control solution for larger properties. They allow hierarchical levels of access through categorized master keys, sub-master keys, and individual keys.

With proper design, just a few master keys can unlock every door for broader access. Individual keys may only unlock a single door. This improves security while also enabling convenient access to the important personnel.

Our commercial locksmiths can expertly implement new proprietary master key systems at your Pickering property. We handle the detailed planning and keying logistics to establish different access levels per your needs.

Over time, as employee turnover occurs, we can easily reconfigure your system and keys to adjust access permissions. Let our expert Locksmiths streamline your entry management with an effective master key solution.

Safes and Vaults

Many businesses house valuables, documents, data, and assets that require an added layer of protection against theft or natural disasters. Safes and vaults provide the most secure storage for your critical or sensitive belongings.

Ajax Locksmiths offers professional installation of various safes and vaults to meet your exact specifications:

  • Burglary-rated safes to withstand break-in attempts.
  • Fireproof safes to protect contents from flames or heat.
  • Media and data safes for electronics and drives.
  • High security pistol lockers and gun safes.
  • Custom vault rooms and doors for large-scale protection.

We advise on choosing the appropriate safe based on your needs, inventory size, desired fire rating, location, and other factors. We also service and repair existing safes that fail to open or have problems—allowing access without drilling or damage. Let our expert Locksmiths ensure that your valuables stay protected.

Lock Installation and Rekeying  

At the foundation of any commercial security plan are high-quality locks properly installed on all entryways, exits, internal restricted areas, cabinets, etc. Over time, locks may need replacement or re-keying for enhanced security.

Our licensed locksmiths in Pickering can handle all of your lock needs:

  • Professional installation of new locksets.  
  • Replacement of old or damaged lock hardware.
  • Rekeying existing locks to new key codes.
  • Integration with master key systems.
  • High-security lock options like Medeco for sensitive areas.
  • Padlocks, deadbolts, mortise locks, panic exit bars, and more.

Proper master-keying allows convenient access without sacrificing accountability. We can re-key your entire facility quickly to protect against lost or stolen keys.

Key Duplication and Management

Copying keys and distributing them to staff must be approached with careful diligence to avoid compromising security. Ajax Locksmiths provides professional key duplication with tracking for Pickering businesses.

We establish systems for identifying authorized personnel for key distribution and limiting duplicates. Keys are engraved with unique codes for accountability. We maintain duplicate registers and can provide secure key cabinets for organized storage.

Proper key management ensures your security investments are never at risk.


Pickering businesses cannot afford to have their security compromised through failing or inadequate locks, uncontrolled keys, or lack of modern access control. By partnering with Ajax Locksmiths, we can become your trusted integrated security provider, keeping your assets protected through cutting-edge solutions and decades of experience.

Our commercial Locksmith experts are ready to assist—from basic lockout assistance to implementing fingerprint scan technology, we aim to ensure the security of your property. Our service also ensures smooth daily operations, improving workforce productivity.

To discuss protecting your workplace through upgraded locks, access control systems, key management, and more, contact Ajax Locksmiths at 905-686-0827 or get a free quote! Your business security is our number 1 priority.