Not being able to find your keys when you need them can be very frustrating and if this is a daily occurrence, it can be maddening. The problem with keys is that they’re small yet we need to carry them with us at all times and it’s easy to put them in places you may not necessarily remember. For these reasons, house keys and car keys get lost often and if this is a challenge you face daily, you’re not alone and the following tips can help you find them:

  • Do not panic because this will make the situation worse. Remain calm and start searching by checking all the places you think your keys maybe. You may have missed it the first time around, so it never hurts to double-check and remaining calm will help you remember better, so don’t get angry and remain focused.
  • Focus on cluttered areas. Subconsciously, our eyes will focus on cleaner areas and lead you to search for your keys in all the wrong places. This can cause you to waste a lot of time searching the wrong areas, so take a step back and shift your focus to cluttered areas because there is a higher chance of them being lost in a mess; otherwise, you would have found them already.
  • Take advantage of technology and use an app that helps you find misplaced keys. You can get a smart key finder that you attach to your keys and then connect it to your phone, which will help you locate both whenever you need to.
  • Take a step back and think. It’s hard not to become angry when you lose your keys, especially if it happens all the time but taking a step back and allowing your mind to think will help you find your keys a lot faster. Think about when you last had the keys in your hand and what you were doing, which will lead you to the current location of your keys.
  • Prevent this situation from reoccurring. Set up a designated spot for your keys in your home, in your purse, at work and anywhere else you frequent so that you don’t run into this issue and know where your keys are at all times. Putting your keys in the same place will make your daily routine a lot easier and eliminate the stressful search you have to do each time you need your keys. Make a habit of placing your keys in the same place so that lost keys and frustration are not things you have to deal with any longer.
  • If you ever need a copy of your key, Ajax Locksmiths can help. If you’re in the Pickering, Whitby or Ajax areas and run into an emergency situation and require a locksmith, do not panic and contact us right away!