When you own an Airbnb, and guests have access to your property, you have to equip them with added conveniences so that they don’t find themselves in a bind during emergencies. It’s important to provide them with back up plans so they are not inconvenienced in your absence. Planning key access is one such situation. Just in case they misplace their keys or they are locked out or the door doesn’t budge for any unexpected reason, a few simple strategies can get them out of the situation. Here are some strategies to resolve key-related emergencies that will help you get the best out of your business and ensure your clients enjoy a pleasant stay:

Spare Key

It doesn’t matter how sophisticated your lock system is. If your guest loses the key or misplaces it, they will be locked out. Make sure they have a spare key in such emergencies. Alternately, keep a spare key with your next door neighbour. 

Report Lost Keys

A lost key must be reported to you at once. If you are not around, they must know how to reach you or contact the local authorities. Your guests must have all of your contact details (phone numbers, email addresses) to get in touch with you in your absence. 

Exchange Social Media IDs

Open a Facebook Business Page for your Airbnb and connect with your guests through their Facebook page. This has several benefits. In today’s world, it’s an easy way to stay connected. You can also ask them to leave reviews that will influence others to make bookings with you. In emergency situations, Facebook Messenger is an easy way to reach out, connect and make free phone calls.

Fixed Place for Keys

It helps to have a fixed place to hang up the keys in your Airbnb facility so they get into the habit of leaving them there and locate them easily. 

Report to Authorities

It’s important for you to let them know whether they should mention Airbnb or not when they turn to the authorities for help. All listings are not authorized.

Text Messages

Encourage them to stay in touch with you, no matter where you are. It helps to be in the habit of checking your phone from time to time, so you don’t miss the messages in an emergency. Set alerts on your phone to remind you to update them of your whereabouts if they have not been informed.

Resolve their Needs Instantly

Try not to take too long to respond to their requests. It will enhance their guest-experience, make them feel more secure, help resolve emergencies quickly without panicking. A good host who is always there for their guests invites repeat visitors through happy word-of-mouth referrals.

Prepare Them for Emergencies

Try to anticipate all the possible situations that could crop up and prepare them for it. Give them public transport details and cab service numbers, so they are not stranded in emergencies, especially if your Airbnb is located far in the suburbs. 

Professional Locksmith

It’s common to find keys stuck in the keyhole, especially in older properties. Sometimes the wood swells up, and the door doesn’t budge. Get them connected to a professional, reliable locksmith, preferably one who operates 24-hours, so they don’t have to break open the door. Request them to keep the number handy. 

Smart Lock

You may want to consider a door with a smart lock that contains a number code instead of keys for your Airbnb to avoid such emergencies. Smart locks allow the code to be changed remotely too. If the door doesn’t budge, you can change the code remotely and have them try to open the door again with the new code. 

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