There are a number of reasons why you may be having difficulty copying your key. Local hardware stores cannot always copy a key because there are restrictions and certain key types do not allow duplicates. A high-security key, an old key, or a key with an unusual bow can all prevent you from getting your key copied.

Property owners and business managers often use high-security keys to help control unauthorized key duplication. These are often referred to as restricted keys and these blanks are sold only to locksmiths and security professionals who are registered with authorized dealers. In order to get such a key copied, you will have to locate a registered locksmith who sells blanks for your restricted key. In addition to key control, some business managers and property owners take it one step further and invest in locks that are pick, bump and drill resistant. These high-security locks come with open keyways and if your key unlocks one of these, you will have to contact the locksmith who installed it if you want to make more copies of your key.

High Security Key With A Reserved Keyway

Certain high-security key manufacturers also offer locks with reserved keyways, which, in addition to providing pick, bump and drill resistance, also offer the highest form of key control. Only the locksmith that installs them can cut the keys that operate these locks and this will only be possible if the key holder can present the locksmith with the appropriate and authorized credentials. Such keys are generally only used by those who work in large institutions like banks and government buildings, for example.

Blank manufacturers sell key blanks with either neutral or non-standard bows. Neutral bows are generic, while non-standard ones are in the shape of a symbol or a sign and such key heads make it very difficult to identify the key’s profile. Your local hardware store may not have the ability to recognize an unusual bow and may assume the blanks for it are not in stock. If you are in this situation, you can take your key to a specialty key cutter or a local clock shop as they may have more experience and will be able to recognize the bow, despite its odd shape.

Older keys can also cause you problems because that particular profile may no longer be widely used. If that’s the case, blanks will be very hard, if not impossible, to find as they may no longer be available. In order to get an old key copied, you will have to find a locksmith that carries a selection of older key blanks to see if they have the one you need in stock.

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