It’s almost the holidays and while you’re planning your holiday getaway, don’t forget about protecting your home and business while you’re away! Burglaries can intensify during the holidays, making homes and retailers without proper security extremely vulnerable to theft. You deserve to enjoy your vacation knowing your home or commercial property is safe and secure. 

Proper security ensures homeowners’ comfort! Protecting your property with secure locks will alleviate those worries while away and allow you to focus on holiday fun. Check out our guide on how to keep your home or business protected over the holidays and all the time.

1. Invest In A Secure Master Key System

Whether it’s your employees or your kids constantly misplacing their various keys, having keys to your property mislocated is both frustrating and potentially dangerous. Anyone can utilize the standard key to access your property, which is why more home and business owners are investing in master key systems. Ajax Locksmith Inc’s master key system provides your employees or family members with one key that works for each lock in your property. This eliminates the headache of remembering which key works for each lock and ensuring they have it on them at all times. Our key Pickering locksmith can also install a key control system that will manage the location of any misplaced keys and who has them.

2. Ensure All Doors and Windows Are Locked

With everything running through your mind during this busy time, forgetting to close and lock your doors can happen. Alleviate that worry and have one of our door closer systems installed. Don’t worry about whether you closed the door after heading to catch your plane, our perfect door closer installation ensures your door is closed and secure every time you leave. Check your windows to ensure all windows and doors are completely secured and intact to keep unwanted visitors out.

3. Put Valuables In A Secure Safe

It’s the season of giving! With all the gifts you’ll be giving and receiving, they can’t all come on your holiday vacation with you. Ensure you keep gifts out of sight of window areas or in easily accessible areas of your home. Your office has important valuables that are essential to your business operations and therefore, it’s crucial to keep them safe and hidden. The most secure storage you can find for your home or business is safe. Our Whitby Locksmith location has durable and reliable safes for you to choose from, whether for personal use or business to keep your belongings safe.

Ajax Locksmithing Inc. is your emergency locksmith providing efficient and trusted services to residential and commercial properties. We are experts in installing an effective business security system, to changing your home’s locks or providing you with secure safes and more security solutions. Keep your home or business safe and secure at all times and call us to book an appointment today at