Gone are the days when homeowners needed to stay at home after they put their property for sale or rent. Today’s real estate lockboxes provide the much necessary safety and security for the house keys and the homeowners can simply go about their business. Real estate lockboxes are tamper-proof, strong, durable and quite weather-resistant. There are many variations available that offer distinct functionality and durability along with many added modern features. Here are some of the most popular types of modern-day lockboxes.

Keyguard SL-500

The Keyguard SL-500 is one of the best lock series because of its ease of use, great durability, and hardened plastic body. Most realtors prefer this model due to its construction, materials, and features. It can hold up to five keys at a time and needs a simple four-digit code to unlock. The lock is constructed from an ABS plastic-coated vault with a metal frame infrastructure and is quite robust. However, the external plastic may crack in extreme weather. Additionally, its punch button format and shack style is familiar and quite easy to operate. Its fully feature loaded variant is priced around $25. If you are using the Keyguard SL-500 series, all you need to be worried about is memorizing the four digit code and you are good to go.

WordLock KS052BK

The WordLock KS052BK is the best real estate lockbox choice if you are looking for storage capacity. It features a large container that can accommodate many keys. Typically if you are showing a large house with multiple access doors, garage laundry room locks, etc., it is a perfect choice to store all keys of a single house in one unit. The lock is made from solid stainless steel padlock and cylinder which has an anti-rust body making this variant highly durable. Moreover, if numbers make you nervous, this one is a word lock, making ‘remembering the code’ not exactly a challenge. This lockbox can accommodate different sizes of keys making it highly multifunctional. Its only limitation being constrained by what letters they have available for each slot since every slot has only limited etched letters.

Master Lock 5400D

Master Lock 5400D is one of the most commonly used lockboxes. Perfect for everyday use, this model is made from a vinyl coated shackle with an internal metal framework and a shutter door to protect the numbers. It’s vinyl covered shackle resists door handle scratching and can easily accommodate two to three standard sized keys. This lock can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can create any numerical password with this lock without any restrictions.

With so many options and features to choose from, we can imagine how choosing a real estate lockbox can be difficult. Don’t let the above reviews confuse you. It is best to try out a lock and its features before deciding to buy one. Ajax Locksmith can help. They offer a range of lock options with different options and features to choose from. Get your questions answered and choose a durable and safe variety for your real estate needs.