Regardless of how busy you are, you need to prioritize your home’s security because this is a very important aspect of being a homeowner.
The following checklist will help you ensure your house is safe:

Install High-Quality Locks

The installation of high-quality locks is a must because it will provide you with security and peace of mind. Chain locks are not ideal as they are not considered to be the best in terms of quality, so invest in industrial deadbolt locks or a solid lever lock to ensure your home’s safety.

Eliminate Any Potential Entry Points

Familiarize yourself with all of the possible entry points in and around your home and make sure they are secure. Every one of these points must have its own lock, so check your garage and your front and back doors to ensure they are secure. If possible, add security cameras and motion detectors for additional security.

Install High-Quality Doors

Strong doors are a must because they can prevent break-ins and it is always best to get one with an eye viewer. This will provide you with a way of looking outdoors to see who is at your door. If you have sliding doors, they should be secured with a wood bar.

Choose A Designated Area In Your Home To Store Valuable Items

Depending on the items, some of them should be kept outside of your home in a vault at a bank, for example. If this is not a possibility, invest in a safe that you can store inside your home and place all of your valuables and personal items inside to keep them safe.

Do Not Stick To The Same Routine

Burglars tend to observe the situation before attempting to get inside and if you have a set routine that you follow every day, it will make their planning a lot easier. Try to come home at different times and switch up your routine to throw them off. An unpredictable schedule will make their job a lot harder and may cause them to think twice about their actions.

Focus On Your Garage

Some people forget to secure their garage but this is a big mistake because it is the most open-concept space in your home, and burglars can get inside easily if a garage is not locked. Install good locks and security cameras to help prevent this from happening.

Take Extra Precautions Before You Go Away On Vacation

If you’re planning on going away, inform your neighbors, make sure your mail does not pile up and ensure the house does not look deserted. Keeping a car in the driveway is a great idea as it can keep burglars away.

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