Among many aspects that are critical to ensuring optimum productivity and safety at the workplace, having an emergency exit system is one of the things that business owners need to consider. According to the Regulation of Fire Safety in Ontario, owners of residences, apartment buildings, condos, and businesses are obligated to be aware and in compliance with the fire code requirements, when installing or modifying entry/exit doors or locks in their buildings. In Ontario, these requirements are clearly stated in the Ontario Building Code (OBC) and Ontario Fire Code (OFC). They regulate the construction design, locking mechanisms, and materials for the buildings in their province. Most of the regulations dictate guidelines for ensuring the safety of life and fire containment.

How can a security system company help?

When installing, modifying, or maintaining any door, lock, or access to your business place, business owners are expected to be in compliance with the prescribed fire code requirements. According to these requirements, any door that is utilized for exit from the building or is used as a fire separation door must have a locking and opening mechanism that is easily operable by applying normal force without any operational steps that can restrict the unlocking and opening of the door, causing restriction or confusion. Another critical aspect outlines that all fire doors must be certified and proper installation guidelines must be adhered to curtail the spread of smoke or fire. Any kind of modifications must not hamper their intended operation.

As all Ontario businesses are required to comply with the guidelines of locking systems and door installations prescribed in the fire safety codes, it is necessary to partner with a certified and licensed security company so that the following guidelines are being covered by your business entry and exit points:

  • As a business owner, you may have to get locks or access controls installed on all entry-exit points. These controls have to be in adherence to the safety guidelines. Only a licensed and experienced lock and security solutions company can ensure that you are covered under all safety compliances.
  • Your locks, access control mechanisms must be regularly monitored, checked, and maintained so that they are functional and do not compromise the safety, egress, and fire containment features of the door or hardware associated with it. A reputed security system partner will carry out all the required checks at regular intervals to ensure this.
  • Although your security partner needs to provide an easy to open or close door mechanism with adequate security, the ease of operating the door must still be uncompromised in case of emergency situations.
  • Commercial door frames that have doors that swing on both sides must not contain double cylinder deadbolts or captive keys are not permitted.
  • Any latches or locks must be designed in such a way that even in the occurrence of panic or confusion in the event of a fire, employees must be able to exit quickly.

At Ajax Locksmiths, our team is trained and well accustomed to the guidelines and norms of safety and emergency exit systems that are obligatory for Ontario businesses. We work with many businesses across Ontario to save them from legal action and penalties arising out of emergency system non-compliances. If you want to get your existing emergency exit systems checked or want to install a compliant, safe and secure system for your business, talk to our Emergency Locksmith today!