If someone is going to break into your home, they are either going to be coming in through a window or a door. Around 30% of burglars get into homes through unlocked entryways, and 34% of burglars go in through the front door. Considering this, it is a good idea to ensure that your front entry is protected and to always keep your door locked, even if you are at home. Here are three things you can do to your front door to make your home safer and protect yourself from burglars.

Strike Plate

If you do not have a strike plate on your door, then your door is vulnerable to outside attack. With no strike plate or a weak strike plate, a burglar can, with one well-placed kick, break your door in and gain entry to your home in seconds. No matter how great your lock system, even if it is electronic for additional security, without a strike plate you are vulnerable. The great thing is that strike plates are inexpensive and easy to install so in just an hour or two you can have additional security in your home.

Better Locks

When you move into a new house, it is always smart to immediately replace the locks. You do not know who else has a copy of the keys to your home and for your peace of mind and security, it is essential to protect yourself. When you replace your locks, it is an excellent opportunity for an upgrade. You will want to get a deadbolt in addition to the lock built into the door. Grade 1 or 2 deadbolts are best, made out of solid metal with no screws that can be undone on the outside of the door. The throw bolt (part of the bolt that extends from the door) should be at least 1 inch long. If your deadbolt is less than an inch, it needs replacing. You can also get an additional deadlock for extra security when you are at home. A deadlock is an “exit only” deadbolt lock that cannot be unlocked from the outside; it is a more secure version of a chain lock. Just make sure you don’t accidentally lock other occupants out of the house! A good quality lock can be expensive, but it is worth it for the added protection. In most cases, if your home is difficult to break into, burglars will bypass it.

Secure Your Door Hinges

Hinges are a critical part of the security of your door. If you have hinges on the outside of your home because your door swings outwards (most front doors swing inwards, and so hinges cannot be compromised by burglars), then burglars can knock the hinges off and get into your home. To protect against this, you need to get special safety studs, use corrugated pins, or set screws. They are easy to install and are very inexpensive but will make it difficult for a burglar to get into your home via the hinges in your door.
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