Door lock management plays an important role in the hotel industry to safeguard both guests and the hotel’s assets. In the electronic age of today, criminals are far more sophisticated and technologically savvy. They don’t need to be on-site to hack into passwords and find their way in. Keys are easy to duplicate too.

This is one reason why the hospitality industry upgraded from manual locks to digital mobile card technology, powered by artificial intelligence to tighten security. Hotel electronic door locks were devised to allow quicker and easier access to guests. The door is battery-powered so a few things are important to ensure smooth operations: the durability of the battery; replacement costs; time management of the password (how it will be effective), and efficiency in an emergency such as power failure and loss of information. It helps to add that in the event of low power, a handheld programmer is used to open the door so the technology is dependable.

Card Door Lock Technology

Card door lock technology is a familiar tool in today’s digital world. AI is used in public transport, building access and many other walks of life. In hotels, door lock card is available in three varieties, all which allow guests high mobility, confidentiality and low operating costs for the hotel.

  • Magnetic Cards

  • Induction Cards

  • Proximity Cards

The cards are software compatible and streamline property operations, enhancing the guest experience to make it smoother and hassle-free. For guests, the cards allow elevator access, parking management, food consumption management and access control to the designated floor. Efforts are on to streamline the check-in and check-out process for guests and hoteliers with advanced, more user-friendly door lock technology.

Collecting User-Experience Data

Online locks store a lot of nonpersonal operating data which allows hotels to serve guests better, especially if they are repeat guests. The more intelligence an electronic door lock is powered with, the more hoteliers learn about the user experience and the lock’s performance.

The usage profile recorded in the system helps hoteliers manage services that have the potential to lower operational maintenance costs, support better decision making, and provide greater customer satisfaction. It is easy to see why they are becoming an industry standard. If your hotel has not adopted the technology yet, it’s time you did to improve functionality.

Many hotels are upgrading their mobile access services to include multi-property access from booking to room service, mobile access, and more. There is a trend toward keeping guests engaged with the mobile device that is only expected to grow over the next few years. This will allow guests more control, independence, and ease, not only by the big global brands but also by small and medium-sized businesses.

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