Whether you’re in a large office building, school, or movie theatre, the doors should be equipped with suitable panic bars. Also known as panic bar doors or crash bars, panic bars are a large asset in any state of emergency that requires evacuation or to stop someone from gaining access to that area. Among the safety aspect of panic bars, there are several other benefits to having them installed throughout your commercial or institutional property.


The safety factor that the panic bar introduces is one of the device’s biggest advantages, specifically when focusing on streamline evaluation protocols and non-emergency situations. For example, because panic bars are installed on the interior side of a door, that door can stay locked from the outside while unlocked from the inside. This prevents unauthorized individuals from entering. As well, panic bars come equipped with a security alarm system that allows supervisors to detect unauthorized evacuations.


Several different panic bars are on the market for your choosing. There are ones that come with alarm systems as well as panic doors that utilize cross-bar or vertical exiting devices. The price points will vary depending on what kind of features you’re looking for and the requirements that need to be met.


Panic doors are considerably inexpensive when you compare them to the cost of buying new doors, appliances, and the services of a locksmith specialist. Some of the better models have a price range that sits around $300, while other models can go for as little as $100. If you need multiple panic bars installed, your locksmith may be able to offer you a discount on parts and labor.


This is probably the more important benefit regarding panic bars: they’re highly effective. When in an emergency, advising others to stay calm isn’t nearly as effective as it would be if panic bars were a part of the situation. Preventing dangerous individuals from gaining entry into a building with the sole purpose of hurting others is the reason panic bars were manufactured. They also provide a faster and more efficient path for people to evacuate the area, which could be the difference between life and death.

Lower Insurance Rates

Property and building managers are always looking for ways to improve building safety while staying within their budget. Panic bars stay within both of those categories, as they’re an affordable safety device that can actually lower the insurance premium for that property. Just as installing better safety features on your vehicle will lower your car insurance, the same can be said for property insurance.

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