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Our Complete Range of Locksmiths Services

Locks Rekeyed

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If you find yourself moving into a used home or just want piece of mind that only you have the key to your lock, then you want to think about rekeying your locks. Rekeying your locks lets you keep your existing locks while changing what keys can be used to open them. This is usually more preferred if you don’t want to completely replace the existing lock.

Master Key Systems

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Have a variety of locks but don’t want to have a wide variety of keys in circulation? With our master key systems, you will be able to efficiently and securely redesign your business’ lock system. This means that you can give your employees one key for all the locks they may need to open instead of multiple keys for each lock.

Door Closers

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Tired of having to always close a door? Want your front door to automatically close after its been opened? We are here to install the perfect door closer for your business, that complements the material and look of the door you want a closer on. Whether you have a metal, aluminum, or wood door, we can install the door closer that works for you.

Emergency Exit Devices

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If a standard door handle doesn’t fit what you are looking for, then one of our panic devices are exactly what you may need. These devices feature bars that open doors when depressed. This allows for an easier exit in situations where precision is not required. If you want a safe exit or just an easier time exiting with your hands full, look into a panic device today.

Pivots & Hinges

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Is your door rubbing on the ground or the frame? Replacing your hinges or pivots will fix this problem.

Real Estate Lockboxes

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If you find yourself in need of a lockbox for your real estate business, then the professionals at Ajax Locksmiths have what you need. We have a wide variety of real estate lockboxes that are sure to provide you with what you need. Whoever needs to access your listing needs to be able to get the key they need and we aim to provide a securable and durable solution.

Key Control Systems

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With so many different employees that may need different keys depending on authority and purpose, it might get complicated trying to manage where all the keys have gone and what employees have them. We will implement a key control system that makes it easier for you to keep track of all this. Save yourself the unnecessary headaches and implement a new key control system today.


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Sometimes the classics are what works best. If you find yourself wanting a simple way to secure a door, a deadbolt is the best way. If you need to replace the deadbolt for your door or set up a new one on a recently installed door, give us a call and we will happily find the perfect deadbolt that fits your needs.

Lock Sets

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Changing your locks doesn’t have to just be for security. If you want to change the locks on your door and update the look of your door at the same time then our lock sets are for you. Featuring beautiful locks and accompanying handles, we’re ready to provide you with security and style. Breathe new life into your doors today.

Front Door Handle Sets

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If you are feeling like updating the look of the handles on your door handles but want to keep the same lock, then our grip sets are there for you. We can replace the handles and accompanying fixtures on your door without having to replace the lock. This is perfect if you are just looking for an update to your door without having to worry about new keys.

Lock Repair

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Find yourself in a situation where your lock no longer functions? Maybe a key broke in it or perhaps the cylinder is stuck. Whatever the reason, our trained professionals are more than equipped with the latest tools, knowledge, and training to repair any lock. If you don’t want to replace the lock and want to keep all your same keys, than repairing the lock is for you.

Electronic & Mechanical Keyless Entry Locks

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This lock allows for you to select a pattern of button presses that will unlock the door, removing the need for a key.

Commercial Advantages
Not every employee needs a key for your business. If you want to easily secure a door in your business without needing to distribute a key for every employee, think of a push button lock.

Residential Advantages
Kids no longer required to carry keys.
Easily share Access with trusted guests and Friends.
Eliminate problems & emergencies caused by lost key