Keeping your home secure is an important part of good homeownership and can bring you peace of mind. Here are some tips on how to keep your house more secure in the long run.

Inform Your Household

One of the most important steps in securing your home is informing and educating your household on good practices. Make sure to set proper rules and expectations concerning the last person to leave for the day. Always keep track of how many keys you have alongside who has them and set a procedure in case a key gets lost; one of the easiest ways for your home to become a target is through a lost key.

Keyless Entry System

A good way to avoid losing a key is to not need any in the first place. Keyless entry systems involve an electronic lock that lets you control who does and who doesn’t have access to your home. They can be incredibly beneficial because some systems don’t make you rework your home’s entry system; they can simply be used as an add-on to what you already have. You can even modify access based on the time of day, and can even update you whenever it’s used via an app.


Your front door isn’t the only way for an intruder to enter. All of your main entryways should be reinforced via solid wood or steel-wrapped wood-core doors to combat blunt force entry. Hollow-core or wood-panel doors can easily be beaten by any determined burglar.

Pick and Bump Resistant Locks

A common lockpicking method for many burglars is key bumping, which is simple and requires little skill. It’s important to invest in a bump and pick resistant lock, as cheaper locks are much easier to pick. Resistant locks have a two-part mechanism, which means that two processes have to happen simultaneously when it’s opened; this is nearly impossible for picking tools.

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