There’s nothing more worrisome than being locked out of your car or house. During those stressful times, you may immediately want to reach out to the first emergency locksmith that is available. However, this can leave you vulnerable to locksmith scammers online. There are several companies or even individuals that pose as experienced, qualified, and trained locksmith professionals but have no skill or certifications whatsoever. These false locksmiths may overcharge you or leave you with a bigger issue than you started with.

Ajax Locksmith is here to share the best tips and indicators on what to look for and how to avoid falling for a locksmith scammer. Read on to discover how you can avoid being scammed:

1. Company Name Is Too Broad

If you Google “locksmith companies,” some site pages that come up may not be reputable locksmiths at all. Instead, these actually call centers, which ultimately sub-contract the job to a local locksmith. The goal is to subcontract the work about 100% of the time, which you should avoid. You can verify if this is an overseas call center by calling the number provided and if there is a long call delay or a strange dial tone, take this as a red flag.

2. Check the Locksmith ID and License

You may be able to ask over the phone; however, you should also verify the emergency locksmith by asking for identification. This includes the locksmith ID and the locksmith license number. Another way to verify a locksmith company is by going on their website and check out their Google rating, reviews, or testimonials. A reliable locksmith will also ask you for your identification to verify that it is either your vehicle, home, or business instead of just proceeding to unlock and allow you inside. A legitimate, trustworthy locksmith should also have a marked vehicle with their business name logo.

3. Ask For A Cost Estimate

Locksmith scammers, especially call centers, use the bait-and-switch technique to customers by promoting extremely low service prices, then gouging them after the “locksmith” arrives by claiming the job is more complex. A legitimate locksmith service may often provide a service for about $60, based on an average service; however, this can easily be verified by calling and asking them for an estimate. The estimates should always be free and you can ask them for one before any service, including an emergency locksmith service. You can also inquire about any additional charges for mileage or if there is a service call minimum for an emergency locksmith service to ensure you have all of the information at hand.

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